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What Types of Canopies Are Available?

Types Of Canopies

Utes are uniquely popular in Australia. Unlike other countries who use vans and pickup trucks as their primary working vehicles Australia has a love affair with our utes. There is good reason for this. Utes have long served the function of our main utility vehicle, they offer a great combination of being accessible and offering large amounts of storage for the smaller size. They give tradies a perfect combination of storage, security and function. For many ute owners it is a necessity to get a canopy installed. Canopies allow for a ute to have a weatherproofed storage space that is much larger than what comes with the stock standard tray. For those who are new to utes or haven’t done much research it can be tricky to know what is best for your circumstances and budget. We have put together this article to help get you up to scratch on what is available in the ute canopy market and what choices might be best for your circumstances.

Fibreglass Canopies

Fibreglass canopies are one of the most common types of canopies. You can get fibreglass canopies for almost any type of ute available in the market. Some will bolt directly onto a flat tray. But for the vast majority they will attach onto the top of the well body. These usually have a window on each side, and a door at the back that lifts up. Fiberglass can be a versatile material but it suffers from breakage and damage a lot easier than metal based materials. It cannot hold up to the same kind of stress or longevity as a steel or aluminium ute canopy. One common problem with fibreglass is that it cannot bear a lot of weight. This can be a big problem if you have plans to put weight on the roof, such as roof racks or mounted tents.  You can potentially get some internal bracing or frame to support extra weight, but it may be worth just getting a steadier canopy made from aluminium or steel.

Aluminium Canopies

Aluminium canopies have become perhaps the most popular of all canopies. This is due to the inherent strength and security of aluminium canopies. All of these benefits over fiberglass canopies can also come at very reasonable pricing. Another great reason to get an aluminium canopy is the unending modifications and accessories you can get to go along with it. From drawers and shelves to roof mounted tents and ladder racks. There is much more room to move and modify with an aluminium canopy than a fiberglass canopy. Because of this reason aluminium canopies are the go to for most tradies around the country.

Canvas Canopies

Another popular alternative to both aluminium and fiberglass canopies is fitting a canvas canopy. These canopies are obviously lighter and don’t share the structural integrity or security of the sturdier materials. These are easy to access, relatively cheap and you can be a bit more flexible with them. Canvas canopies don’t have the same amount of security or integrity when compared to metal options. They are not secure and they can be damaged when you are driving in rough conditions such as the bush.

Once you have figured out what style of canopy and material is going to work best for you there are three main considerations for every type of canopy that you should consider.


Weight is your enemy when off-road. Do you really need an extra 200 litres of water and a triple battery set-up for the weekend getaway? It also goes the other way, make sure you are  getting the storage space you will need, either on the job or out Probably not. Do some research and make sure you are getting the right sized canopy for your ute.


The price range of ute canopies is huge. From the super premium to the very cheap there is something for everyone in between. At MRT we are very proud to have combine quality craftsmanship with modest pricing. Our range of optional extras also lets every customer create the perfect canopy for their own needs.


The single most important factor in how much you will enjoy your canopy is the quality. If you get a cheap canopy that is the right size but lacks in quality you will be soon disappointed when it falls apart. Make sure to do your research and get a good quality product the first time around. At MRT we create tough canopies that are ready for all your adventures.


Whatever you need there is a canopy out there for you. Whether you need some lightweight that you can easily get on and off. Or if you need a rugged canopy to store expensive tools for your job. At MRT we make high quality affordable aluminium canopies, we have stores in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth and ship all around the country. Get in touch with our team online or in store so we can get you on the road with a brand new canopy.


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