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Over 6000 Mercedes-Benz X-Class dual cab utes recalled over incorrect owner’s manual. 

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Recently, CarsGuide Australia outlined a recall that affected Mercedes-Benz X-Class dual cab utes which was prompted by the owner’s manual incorrectly stating the maximum weight for a roof-mounted load, including rooftop tents and ute canopies. 

This sudden recall has affected MY18-MY20 X-Class dual-cab utes sold between February 1, 2018, and May 29, 2020. More specifically, the weight that was outlined in the official owner’s manual only applies when the vehicle is stationary. When the vehicle is in motion, the load applies traditional pressure to the roof, which means the stated amount should be less. 

Why is this so impactful? 

This may seem like a minor detail, but when you deconstruct the matter, there is cause for concern, considering utes are the most modified vehicle on Australian roads. Countless new and used ute owners adhere canopies and extras (such as toolboxes, ladder racks, etc.) to their new purchases each year to better suit their work and lifestyle needs. 

When it comes to a utility vehicle specifically, the weight guide is extremely important as, more often than not, this type of vehicle is purchased with the intent to carry a load for work or lifestyle purposes. If the correct maximum weight is exceeded, for example, if a fibreglass canopy was installed, the support for the roof-mounted load may fail while the vehicle is in motion, possibly causing it to shift and perhaps break and fall unexpectedly. 

Additionally, if the weight capacity is exceeded while the vehicle is moving, the electronic stability control (ESC) system may not be effective in an accident or when the vehicle skids/behaves unexpectedly. This can increase the risk of injury or death for occupants of the vehicle and/or other road users. 

An electronic stability control (ESC) system consists of sensors on the car that monitor the direction of travel and steering wheel position. If an unexpected hard steering manoeuvre occurs, the technology will automatically brake individual wheels and help restore the vehicle’s stability. ESC can help drivers maintain control by enhancing handling on gravel patches, improving traction on slippery roads and help correct oversteering or understeering. ESC has proven to be effective in reducing the occurrence of single-vehicle rollover crashes that result in driver injury. 

How will this be rectified? 

Understandably, compromising the ESC system is a safety hazard that was addressed by Mercedes-Benz as a result of the incorrect information being printed in the owner’s manual. Mercedes-Benz Australia is instructing impacted owners to book their vehicles at a preferred dealership for a replacement of the physical owner’s manual and a software update of the multimedia system’s version, both of which come free of charge.

Prior recall announcement. 

A similar recall was announced in June 2019, but the 5607 MY18-MY19 examples involved in it also need to be participated in due to further updates to the owner’s manual. Mercedes-Benz Australia has now recalled the X-Class dual-cab ute twice, with the owner’s manual found to be incorrect in 6117 examples.

Important additional information. 

If you believe you are subject to any of the recalls discussed, for further information, call Mercedes-Benz Australia on 1300 659 307 during business hours or reach out to your preferred local Mercedes-Benz dealership. 

A full list of impacted Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) can be found at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s ACCC Product Safety Australia website. As reported, the X-Class finished production at the end of May, discontinuing the Nissan Navara-based model triggered by poor global sales.

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