Australia is a nation of utility vehicles. The country often indulges in outdoor activities, where they take their 4×4 pickups (popularly called as UTE’s) to cross the country expeditions. Thus, the expectations from these vehicles are paramount and the carriages matter the most. Imaging the situations where these vehicles and carriages are used for commercial tenacities, some people consider them for domestic purposes as well.

Here is a comparative analysis on 2 of the most popular UTE vehicles, currently operational on Australian soils. They are designed in a way, where the purpose of a UTE Canopy and carriage container is foreseen. These vehicles are Toyota 79 Series Land Cruiser and Mercedes G Class UTE aka Mercedes G3000 Pro.


Purpose of Utilisation

The main reason for this UTEs success in the nation contributes largely because of its compact size. The vehicles are suitable for both regular and off-road purposes. With a nation, where the cost of fuels is on the higher side, they justify the mileage parts as well.

Carriage Capacity and Reliability

UTE Canopies, the carriage capacity of a vehicle increases with an increase in the payload. They are heavily reliable vehicles if the purpose is designed for product delivery in stiff conditions.

Size of Bodies

Both have a compact body without a carriage, and this allows in ease of parking. With height lesser than 2.1 meters and width comparable to a regular car, these vehicles have their own set of advantages.

Materials for Canopy

These utility vehicles can accommodate all types of UTE canopies thinkable, i.e. like steel, canvas, and aluminium ute canopies as well. This is one more aspect, which allows the user to use these vehicles reliably with different materials.

Front Bumper Bar

Since both are designed for carrying heavy-duty kinds of stuff, the front bumper bar is necessary to assure safe transportation. More so, on an event of a breakdown or towing, these bumper bars can be tied with rope and transported with ease.


Structural Difference

  • Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series is a predecessor of the old variant 70 Series. The vehicle has been among the talks for over a period of the last 30 years. Its reliability is a chief aspect alongside the carrying capacity was one main reason for its success. With different utility purposes served, UTE canopies of different materials affixed, the vehicle proved its mettle in all aspects.
  • Mercedes G Class Ute is a relatively newer variant in the class of utility vehicles. Ever since its first arrival in the year 2017, it has taken the industry by storm. Australians have a great liking for the vehicle, especially for its design, as it looks muscular. The best part is, it does all the good work to keep its arch-nemesis (Land Cruiser 79), stay toe-to-toe. The vehicle has served different industries like security, emergency, and even BBQ Stalls. It offers more and flexible space.

Military Usage

  • Mercedes is known for catering more of the regular civilian vehicles, which also brings their extended ability to carry military utilities. The overall ruggedness of the vehicle and shape of the carriage allows in accommodation of these goods with an ample amount of space. In the end, over 60 defense and military units prefer this over Land Cruiser 79 Series for military carriage.
  • Land Cruiser, on the other hand, is known for catering the civilians for over a long time. With its power-packed performance, a vehicle is a compact machine with an ability to travel across extreme off-road conditions and perform well on the fuel part.


GVM or Gross Vehicle Mass is the total weight of the vehicle set by the manufacturer. This includes the overall weight of a vehicle alongside the maximum weight of the payload, which it carries.

  • Land Cruiser 79 comes up with a GVM upgrade alongside chassis extension offers. This allows the vehicle carriage to carry UTE Canopies and stuff, without having to tow the products. The overall GVM of this vehicle is 3.4 tonnes.
  • Mercedes G Class, on the other hand, is 4.49 tonnes, which is much more than its rival. Since the size and overall kerb weight is more, the vehicle offers more GVM.

Specification Comparison

Payload Carriage

Land Cruiser 79 Series comes with a payload capacity of 1.220 tonnes and is lighter than the Mercedes G class with 2.085 tonnes. Thus, more carriage capacity with respect to Ute canopy is against the favor of Mercedes G Class.

Braked Towing Capacity

For braked towing capacity, Land Cruiser 79 series beat Mercedes G Class easily, with 3.5 tonnes against 3.2 for Mercedes G Class. This has a lot to do with towing specialty and standard Horse Power, as Land Cruiser can tow stuff 300 kgs more than Mercedes G Class.

Power Wattage

Talking about Power, Land Cruiser 79 Series beats Mercedes G Class by a margin of 50 KW, as the former comes with 700 KW against the latter’s 650KW.


In the field of Torque, once again Mercedes bows down to Land Cruiser as the latter gives 430 nm to former are 400 nm.

Differential Locks

In terms of differential locks, Mercedes has 3 in-built to that of none with Land Cruiser. This adds to the overall securing of the vehicle without any sort of chassis movement.

Other Vehicular Parts

In the end, while assuming other parts such as alloy wheels, coil suspension, dual battery, snorkel, and other parts, Mercedes is a clear winner over Land Cruiser. Though this is justifiable that Land Cruiser 79 is a very old model compared to Mercedes G Class, the clear winner, in reality, is Mercedes.


Land Cruiser 79 Series Workmate comes for a price tag of $62,490 AUD. This is justifiable for a vehicle, which has the most basic features and working structure. Under this price cap, it justifies a large number of positives to take away.

Mercedes G Class Professional UTE, on the other hand, comes with a larger price tag of a whopping $119, 900 AUD. This vehicle, unlike Land Cruiser 79, is a modern-day utility vehicle, which is stuffed with innumerable features. With a larger GVM, GCM, heavier payload capacity, the vehicle is miles ahead of the overall performance.

Head to Head

Land Cruiser 79 Series may look a bleak against that of the Mercedes G Class Professional utilities in most of the arenas. However, considering the features the vehicle gives for a price tag, the point seems a lot justified.

As a critic, it would not be unfair, if Land Cruiser 79 gets a face over and all those critical parts available in Mercedes G Class is added. For instance, on the addition of suspension, air conditioner, heavy-duty bar, brush bar, GVM, and Spring Upgrades, the price would shoot up nearly $50,000 AUD more. This would make both these vehicles at par, with the price difference coming down to $2000 AUD.

Final Words

In the end, both the vehicles have taken their places and fans alike. After all, they are the products of the world’s top automobile companies, which do not need any introduction. With this said, MRT is one company manufacturing Ute canopies, which can be affixed over these vehicles. With the trust of a canopy maker, people can make a choice to choose among the vehicle only to add canopies to secure their products.

Our Fitting kits are the perfect option for fitting your brand new toolbox to your ute. All kits include: 4 x Mounting Washers, 4 x Hex Recessed Bolts, 4 x 10mm Washers, 4 x 10mm Nylock Nuts.

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We have a large range of underbody toolboxes to suit every persons need, including our S range specifically designed for 4×4.

Our tail light protectors are the perfect option for keeping your taillights safe from damage.

Aluminium mesh protector – Fits to the front of tray above headboard and protects your vehicles Rear window from being damaged by accidental loading or movement of goods

Made from 76mm Aluminium tube, this rear rack mounts at the rear of the tray in recessed sockets making it removable when not needed.

Made from 22mm aluminium solid tube – these pegs install into the front and rear tubes to help tie off ladders etc

Galvanised steel body with dual aluminium lid, and aluminium faceplate. This drawer installs underneath your tray for extra storage.

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We have either a fixed or sliding window option for our driver side windows.
Passengers Side Windows

We have a range of different options available for front and back windows including: fixed and sliding options.

front rear

All of our canopies are built standard to 860mm high and we offer the option to upgrade to 1000mm.

Internal frame made with 40mm x 40mm x 2.5mm aluminium box section. We recommend this option if weight carried on the roof is a little more than just ladders, also ideal for those who like to camp in roof top tents as can safely support 300kg on roof when vehicle is stationary.

The canopy clamps are a quick release clamping system that are used to
secure the canopy to your tray without having to bolt through your tray.

Ladder racks are available on all our canopies, if carrying more than just ladders we recommend the internal support option to give a little more carrying capacity on the roof.

We are able to offer a flat Alloy finish on the canopies, this option is best if the canopy is to be powder coated or vinyl wrapped, please not that this finish does show every scratch, imperfection etc.

We have either a fixed or sliding window option for our passenger side windows.
Passengers Side Windows

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Our Fitting kits are the perfect option for fitting your brand new toolbox to your ute. All kits include: 2 x plates, 4 x Hex Recessed Bolts, 4 x 10mm Washers, 4 x 10mm Nylock Nuts.

Our Fitting kits are the perfect option for fitting your brand new toolbox to your ute. All kits include: 6 x Plates, 6 x Hex Recessed Bolts, 6 x 10mm Washers, 6 x 10mm Nylock Nuts.

Our keyless entry system includes:
• Control system (with 2 x remotes, 5m Power supply cable, in line fuse)
• 6 x T-Locks
*Does not include connection of power supply to vehicle
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Our keyless entry system includes: • Control system (with 2 x remotes, 5m Power supply cable, in line fuse) • 2 x T-Locks • Not compatible with 4×4 underbody toolboxes and drawers *Does not include connection of power supply to vehicle See full product here