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Distance: 217km

From Bramwell Junction Roadhouse (start of Old Telegraph Track), to Tip of Cape York.

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Time to drive: 3-5 days on the track

Can be easily extended if you wish to camp longer in your favourite spots

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Terrain: Challenging

River-crossings, mud-holes, deep water (depending on time of year), sandy, very steep entrances and exits to some creeks, corrugations.

Borderland Explorer posing at palm creek with her ute powered by mrt ute canopy ute crossing a creek borderland explorers walking through Eliot and Twin waterfalls ute canopy with mrt ute canopy, mrt jerrycan holder, mrt canopy ladder and mrt wheel carrier

Ensure you are well-stocked with fuel and water at Bramwell Junction Roadhouse before you leave. Our MRT Jerry Can holder came in handy for extra drinking water.  

Morning: Begin at the Southern Entrance to the Old Telegraph Track. 

First Major Obstacle: Palm Creek. Depending on the season and recent rains, this can be a challenging crossing. Even if the creek is dry, the entrances and exits to Palm Creek can be steep and challenging. Take your time to walk the area thoroughly and assess which route you are comfortable with! 

Afternoon: Continue North, heading through Dulhunty River and Bertie Creek. Although not typically a deep crossing, watch out for big potholes in the rocky creek base at Bertie Creek – having spotters stand near the sections you want to avoid can help. 

Evening: After crossing Bertie Creek, you’ll find a beautiful camping area. Many people enjoy a refreshing swim here – the creek is only 30 metres from your campsite!

Morning: Head to the challenges of Cockatoo Creek, and Sailor Creek. You’ll notice the remnants of the old bridge at Sailor Creek, which is no longer usable – so your only choice is to go through it. 

Afternoon: The next big stop is Fruit Bat Falls. This bucket-list-worthy waterfall is simply stunning. You might want to take some snacks or pull out the MRT canopy trundle drawer and cook up some lunch before you walk down to the falls – they’re so good that you might find yourself wanting to make a whole afternoon out of swimming in the crystal clear water.

Evening: Head 10km North to set up camp in the Eliot Falls Campground. Relax for the night, ready for another day of driving and a visit to Eliot and Twin Falls in the morning.

Morning: Your campsite is only a 5-minute walk to Eliot and Twin Falls. These two incredible waterfalls are right next to each other, with both offering swimming and spots to relax in the shade. 

Afternoon: It’s time to keep heading North and cross Canal Creek and Sam Creek. 

Tip: Make sure you get out of the 4×4 and take a look to the right of the creek crossing – a 30-metre walk will reveal an epic waterfall and swimming spot. Many people miss this one – but once you find it, you’ll have your swimmers straight back on for another dip! 

Evening: Grab your swag or pop open the rooftop tent and set up for the night in the Sam Creek camping area. Crossing the creek can wait until tomorrow because this spot is just too good to rush through. 

Morning: First up – crossing Sam Creek (unless you’re tempted by a morning swim first – it’s hard not to be!). Sam Creek has a tricky little steep exit on the other side, so go for a walk first to pick the line you want to take. 

A few km North of Sam Creek, you’ll reach a decision point – continue on to complete the final Northern Section of the Old Telegraph Track, or exit the track to head back to the Peninsula Development Road (PDR) and up to the Jardine River Ferry. The turn-off to exit the Old Telegraph Track is just before Mistake Creek. 

Afternoon: If you exit the track, you’ll head North up to the Jardine River Ferry and cross the river. The ferry typically stops operating at 5 pm, so if you don’t make it – you can camp in the campground at the Ferry crossing and cross in the morning. 

From here, you might consider driving further to the very Tip of Cape York – you’ve come this far, so why not! This is the Northernmost point of the Australian mainland and a must-do for many travellers in the area. 

For those who choose to continue on the Old Telegraph Track – your final challenges await: Mistake Creek, Cypress Creek, Logans Creek and Nolans Brook. 

At Cypress Creek, you’ll find the well-renowned log bridge. A makeshift structure that travellers re-build every season out of logs, rope and ratchet straps – quite a sight for the driver of a 3.5 tonne 4WD! 

Logans Creek is the longest water crossing on the track, accompanied by a sandy base, and can be deep. 

The final challenge on the Northern Section of the Old Telegraph Track is Nolans Brook (also known as Bridge Creek – although the days when a bridge existed are long gone). The only way to cross is to drive through it – but do so with caution and planning. Nolans Brook is infamous for ruining the engines of many vehicles every year. The soft, sandy base and deeper-than-expected water can bog you down like quicksand, and it’s easy to see how people flood their vehicles if they’re not prepared.  The ideal method of crossing seems to be having recovery straps hooked up to another vehicle ready to pull you out at a moment’s notice if you find yourself stuck in the creek. Plan first, cross later.

mrt ute canopy with jerry can holder, spare wheel carrier, and ute canopy ladder to access the tent on top


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X-Series Chassis mount canopy

Read our full build here

Storage Solutions

  • MRT Pantry
  • MRT Slide-out under tray drawer as kitchen unit with a storage system for food
  • 130L Bushman's fridge
  • Slide-out drawers for easy access to tools and camping equipment
  • Designated spaces for recovery gear and spare parts (our MRT canopy toolboxes are great for this)
  • MRT Jerry Can Holder for extra fuel or water

Recovery Gear

  • Bullbar + Winch and Recovery Points
  • Snatch Straps and Shackles
  • Recovery Boards (e.g. Maxtrax)
  • Hi Lift Jack

Vehicle Protection

  • Bullbar
  • Underbody Protection (bash plates)
  • Snorkel
  • Gearbox and Diff Breathers - recommended

Navigation and Communication

  • UHF Radio (in-vehicle and handheld)
  • Satellite Phone or Personal Locator Beacon (for emergencies)
  • GPS and Topographical Maps

Camping Gear

  • Swags/tents
  • Portable gas stove
  • Camp chairs and table

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

  • Tyre Repair Kit 
  • Automotive Tool Kit 
  • Cable Ties/ Wire 
  • Spare tyre, hoses, belts, oil and coolant 
  • Air Compressor and tyre deflator


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