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Distance: 120km south of Darwin

Litchfield National Park is located 120km south of Darwin. The Reynolds Track (from Daly River Road to Litchfield Park Road) is a 44km 4WD track located in the Southern section of Litchfield National Park. Alternatively, you can enter the park from the Northern section via Batchelor or the Cox Peninsula Road. Batchelor to Wangi Falls via Florence Falls is approx. 74km.

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Time to drive: 2 days to explore

We would recommend at least 2 days to explore this National Park. A park pass is required to enter this National Park.

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Terrain: Medium grade - Difficult (early dry season)

Reynolds Track (Southern End) - this track is a ‘dry season only’ track. It can be classed as a difficult track in the early Dry season when the water levels are high. A snorkel is definitely recommended at this time. Generally, though, it is considered a medium-grade track. The track is mostly firm, with some sandy sections, water crossings, and sections of corrugations. Towards the end of the dry season, most of the river beds are dried up. Some parts of the track may be narrow and have blind bends. This track takes you to some of the less crowded, beautiful waterfalls in the National Park - you might even get them all to yourself!

The Northern sections of the National Park have easy, sealed roads, and most attractions are accessible via 2WD.

ute crossing over Reynolds Track ute with mrt ute canopy crossing reynold river em from borderland explorers standing on a ute at the tjaynera falls

Morning: You can enter Litchfield National Park from the Southern or Northern end. We started our day at the Southern end at the Reynolds Track. The first stop along this track is Surprise Creek Falls. This is generally a less visited spot but incredibly beautiful! Take the short walk from the car park (grade 2 track) until you find the multiple small waterfalls each flowing into their own swimming hole. Climb up the rocks to find the hidden pools above! This was our favourite spot in the whole park. If you decide to spend the whole day here, there is a campsite to spend the night here.

Afternoon: Continue along the Reynolds track until you reach Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek). From the car park, take the moderate grade, 3.4km return walk, which winds along the creek through cycad palms to reach the plunge pool. Swim and relax by the waterfall. If you are here at sunset, you won’t forget the sight of the sun hitting the red/orange rocks behind the waterfall! Spend the night at the bush campsite at the start of the walking track to the falls. It even has toilets and shower facilities! We absolutely love using our MRT trundle draw as a bench to do all our cooking – it makes setup at camp spots like this so quick and easy!

Morning: Jump back on the Reynold’s Track and continue towards the Reynolds River crossing (north of Tjaynera Falls). Keep an eye out for some HUGE termite mounds along the way… these are the biggest we have ever seen! We completed this crossing late in the dry season, so the water only reached to the top of our bullbar. The base was fairly firm, and we had no issues crossing on that particular day. It was definitely the most challenging water crossing we faced whilst in the National Park, though. We would recommend a snorkel and breathers as the water levels could be high enough to reach over the bonnet during times of increased rainfall. We definitely always feel more comfortable tackling crossing like this when we are able to carry all our recovery gear with us in our MRT toolboxes.

Eventually, you will reach the end of the track, where it meets Litchfield Park Road. Once in the Northern section of the National park, continue on to Wangi Falls. This is one of the more popular swimming spots… and for good reason! The two waterfalls cascade over the rock escarpment into a huge pool below. The waterfall flows all year round. It has a campsite, cafe and grassy area great for a picnic.

Afternoon: Take the road back towards Batchelor, stopping at Buley Rockhole. This is one of the most accessible swimming spots and comprises of a series of crystal-clear pools. Close by is Florence Falls. This is one of Litchfields star attractions! Spend some time at the giant plunge pool and swim right up to the cascading waterfall.

To end the day, take a short drive to the Magnetic Termite Mounds. One of the most unique points of interest – these mounds can be up to 100 years old and are unique to the northern parts of Australia. Walk along the boardwalk to experience a field of hundreds of enormous cathedral-like termite mounds.

Other attractions worth a visit in this National Park include: Tolmer Falls, The Lost City, Blyth Homestead, Cascades, and Greenant Creek/Tjeebata Falls.

Always keep an eye out for signs regarding crocodiles. Ensure you only swim where it is safe.

TIP: The Darwin River Tavern is a perfect spot to base yourself when exploring this area. Only a short drive to the National Park, great food, a pool, and cheap camping!

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X-Series Chassis mount canopy

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Recovery Gear

  • Bullbar + Winch and Recovery Points
  • Snatch Straps and Shackles
  • Recovery Boards (e.g. Maxtrax)
  • Hi Lift Jack

Vehicle Protection

  • Snorkel
  • Underbody Protection (bash plates) 
  • Bullbar 
  • Gearbox and Diff Breathers - recommended

Storage Solutions

  • MRT Pantry
  • MRT Slide-out under tray drawer as kitchen unit with a storage system for food
  • 130L Bushmans fridge
  • Slide-out drawers for easy access to tools and camping equipment
  • Designated spaces for recovery gear and spare parts (our MRT canopy tool boxes are great for this)
  • MRT Jerry Can Holder for extra fuel or water

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

  • Tyre Repair Kit 
  • Automotive Tool Kit 
  • Cable Ties/ Wire 
  • Spare tyre, hoses, belts, oil and coolant 
  • Air Compressor and tyre deflator
  • Ensure you have a full tank of fuel before you set off - carry a jerry can of extra fuel if needed.

Navigation and Communication

  • UHF Radio (in-vehicle and handheld) 
  • Satellite Phone or Personal Locator Beacon (for emergencies) 
  • GPS and Topographical Maps

Camping Gear

  • Carry all your water! There is no drinking water readily available in the park (or it may need to be boiled) so bring plenty of water. We always carry an extra 20L of water in our jerry which we store in our MRT lockable jerry holder on the back of our canopy.
  • Swags/tents
  • Portable gas stove
  • Camp chairs and table
  • First Aid Kit


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