Kennedy Range
Loop Track


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Distance: 270 km

Loop track from Junction to Junction.

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Time to drive: 1.5 days

Allow at least 1.5 days to complete the loop.

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Terrain: Moderate

East side of the range - well-formed gravel roads. 2WD accessible. West side of the range - the track has been rated moderate with some extreme places along the track. The time of year you complete the track will determine how difficult the Gascoyne River Crossing will be. It is sometimes impassable in the wet season. The track consists of rocky inclines and declines, sandy dry riverbeds and some water crossings. Suitable for 4WD only.

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If you are a 4WD enthusiast, then this outback road trip is for you! This spot has to be one of WA’s most underrated destinations in our opinion. Located about 230km inland from Carnarvon in Western Australia, the Kennedy Range is a 75km ancient sandstone plateau, with valleys and incredible red cliff faces having been etched out over millions of years.

borderland explorers with their mrt ute canopy on top of a cliff ute canopy on a terrain

Morning – Our first stop was the town of Gascoyne Junction. There is no phone service, no drinking water and no fuel along the loop track so we made sure we were well stocked before starting the track. If you start the loop track on the Western side, the first thing you will come across is the Gascoyne River Crossing. This is 200 meters of very soft sand. It was very dry when we visited (late October), and we had no issues passing through the sandy riverbed however, at times in the year, it can be a very wide, very challenging water crossing, so make sure you are prepared before tackling this one. The Western side of the track heading up the range consists of a number of springs, wells, creeks and old homesteads. One of our favourite spots was Mooka Creek, which comprises of really unique multi-coloured Mookaite rocks. It is the only place in the world where you can find these!

Afternoon – Continue up towards the ridge and watch the rocky landscape suddenly turn into huge red sand dunes covered in spinifex.  The main campsite is located at Temple Gorge. However, we really wanted to watch the sunset at the top of the ridge, so we decided to camp at a place on top of the cliffs called ‘The Neck’. This was a perfect spot to cook some dinner – we love that our MRT kitchen set up in the canopy ensures we can have epic views like this for dinner whenever the opportunity presents itself! Camping on top of the cliffs was an absolute highlight of our trip! The glow was like nothing we have ever seen. This has to go on your bucket list! This spot is well known for some pretty epic star gazing as well.

Morning – Begin making your way down towards the East side of the Range. Everything on this side of the range is much more easily accessible than the west. There are lots of hikes and gorges to check out, including Temple Gorge, Drapers Gorge, Honeycomb Gorge and Sunrise view. If you are planning on staying another night, it would be worth checking out the Sunrise View hike – it is absolutely magic when the sun lights off the ranges at sunrise, giving off that brilliant orange glow.  Our highlight was Honeycomb Gorge. This is only a 600m return walk (class 3 hike), which leads you to a huge amphitheatre featuring a seasonal waterfall and pool, and lined with unique honeycomb formations in the cliff face.

Afternoon – Complete the loop track by driving back towards Gascoyne Junction, where you can refuel and restock before continuing on to your next adventure!

It’s really hard to do this place justice in writing so make sure you check out our Youtube episode of our trip through Kennedy Range National Park – this place really has to be seen to be believed!

mrt ute canopy with jerry can holder, spare wheel carrier, and ute canopy ladder to access the tent on top


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X-Series Chassis mount canopy

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Storage Solutions

  • MRT Pantry
  • MRT Slide-out under tray drawer as kitchen unit with a storage system for food 
  • 130L Bushmans fridge
  • MRTlide-out drawers for easy access to tools and camping equipment
  • Designated spaces for recovery gear and spare parts (our MRT canopy toolboxes are great for this)
  • MRT Jerry Can Holder for extra fuel or water

Recovery Gear

  • Bullbar + Winch and Recovery Points 
  • Snatch Straps and Shackles 
  • Recovery Boards (e.g. Maxtrax)
  • Hi Lift Jack

Vehicle Protection

  • Bullbar
  • Underbody Protection (bash plates) 
  • Snorkel 
  • Gearbox and Diff Breathers - recommended

Navigation and Communication

  • UHF Radio (in-vehicle and handheld) 
  • Satellite Phone or Personal Locator Beacon (for emergencies) 
  • GPS and Topographical Maps

Camping Gear

  • Swags/tents
  • Portable gas stove
  • Camp chairs and table

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

  • Tyre Repair Kit 
  • Automotive Tool Kit 
  • Cable Ties/ Wire 
  • Spare tyre, hoses, belts, oil and coolant 
  • Air Compressor and tyre deflator


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