D’Entrecasteaux National Park


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Distance: 130km

4.5 hours south of Perth. This national park stretches 130km along the coast between Augusta and Walpole in south-west Western Australia. 

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Time to drive: 2.5 days

We spent 2.5 days exploring this epic spot, but you could easily dedicate a week to exploring this area - there is plenty to see, and you may not want to leave! 

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Terrain: Easy

Medium / Moderate Grade.4WD only. A mix of unsealed roads, water crossings (fairly shallow in December when we visited), and soft sandy tracks that are moderately steep in parts. These conditions apply mainly to the 17km track between Coodamurrup Hut (AKA Moore’s Hut) and the old Fish Creek Hut site. 

Start the initial exploration using mrt x-series canopy mrt x-series canopy trail

Day 1:
Our journey kicked off at Moon’s Crossing – a beautiful section of the Warren River, about 20 minutes North of Northcliffe (about 4 hours from Perth). Whilst there are no camping facilities on the site, you are permitted to camp at the crossing. We spent a night under the tall Karri trees by the river, before setting off on our adventure into D’Entrecasteaux National Park towards Coodamurrup Hut. The trip begins with the shallow water crossing, before winding your way through the forest heading South.

The trip down to Coodamurrup Hut is a beautiful drive that requires no technical 4WDing. As you enter D’Entrecasteaux National Park, the roads become unsealed but are well maintained in most areas. A few sections of softer sand here and there, but an easy drive for the most part. We dropped our tyre pressures down to around 25psi to make the scattered, moderate corrugations more comfortable. We opted to drive to Coodamurrup Hut via Chesapeake Road; an old logging track that winds through the forest with enormous Karri trees closely lining the track. This really is tall tree country. Whilst not a difficult drive, there are narrower sections where overhanging scrub can have its way with your rig’s paintwork, so be prepared for a few light scrapes if you take this route. It is, however, the more interesting way to get there in our opinion! We actually encountered a tree down across the track which had recently fallen and needed to navigate around it, but it was still passable. The alternative route down to Coodamurrup Hut is via Deeside Coast Road. This will see you driving a wide open, flat unsealed road with no chance of scratches. This is still a beautiful drive (we took this route on the way back out).

We arrived at Coodamurrup Hut to be greeted by a quiet campground entirely to ourselves, which was nestled in the forest about 2.5km from the stunning Coodamurrup Beach. (It seems that we timed this perfectly, visiting a few days before Christmas. We imagine it gets very busy at times!)

The Hut is a relic from the days where graziers worked the surrounding land some 100 years ago, and thanks to some maintenance over the years still stands in good condition today. There are approximately 10 campsites scattered around the peppermint woodland-surrounded Hut, along with a rainwater tank (please take enough water to be self-sufficient on the trip – there are no guarantees that the tank will have water, but if it does – you can boil it). You can walk through the Hut which houses an old fireplace and a single bed frame, but is otherwise empty.

We cooked dinner out of our MRT canopy, then settled in for a peaceful night in this isolated paradise.

Day 2:
First up, Coodamurrup Beach! Located only a short drive from Coodamurrup Hut Campground (around 2.5km, or 10 minutes), we made our way down the soft, sandy track to one of the most incredible secluded beaches we’ve ever seen. This was low grade 4×4 and not too difficult. The entrance section to the beach required a couple of negotiations and a bit of a run-up to get over a final sand dune (and a few more PSI let out of the tyres), but the DMAX handled it fine. We were then on the beach!

You can drive quite a distance in both directions along Coodamurrup Beach and explore this stunning coastline. We stopped on the beach for some lunch, before heading back toward Coodamurrup Hut (the same track that we took earlier).

Leaving from the junction at the Coodamurrup Hut, there is a well signed 17km track that leads to the old Fish Creek Hut site. 17km will only take 20 minutes, right? Not on this track! This is a solid two-hour trip each way filled with soft sandy sections, uphill climbs, downhill descents and a couple of fairly shallow water crossings. It’s not extreme 4WDing by any stretch, but it’s slow going in places due to how soft the sand is. It’s a great trip even for those with beginner 4WDing experience – you just need to take your time, let your tyres down and DEFINITELY carry some recovery boards. It’s unlikely that you’d need to winch out of anything unless the weather has been very wet – the boards should do the job if the sand catches you out. We’d recommend setting aside a full day for the trip if you’re returning back to Coodamurrup Hut.

We finally arrived at the old Fish Creek Hut site, and it’s a little gem! The Hut is no longer on the site, having been removed some years ago. But it once stood here for some 50 years providing refuge and good times for locals and visitors alike. The site has no facilities, but it’s a beautiful place to set up camp and is reasonably sheltered behind the sand dunes. We stayed the night, and made our way back out of the National Park the next morning.

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X-Series Chassis mount canopy

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Storage Solutions

  • MRT Pantry
  • MRT Slide-out under tray drawer as kitchen unit with a storage system for food 
  • 130L Bushmans fridge 
  • MRT Slide-out drawers for easy access to tools and camping equipment 
  • Designated spaces for recovery gear and spare parts (our MRT canopy toolboxes are great for this
  • MRT Jerry Can Holder for extra fuel or water

Recovery Gear

  • Bullbar + Winch and Recovery Points 
  • Snatch Straps and Shackles 
  • Recovery Boards (e.g. Maxtrax)
  • Hi Lift Jack

Navigation and Communication

  • UHF Radio (in-vehicle and handheld)

Camping Gear

  • Swags / tents
  • Portable gas stove
  • Camp chairs and table

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

  • Tyre Repair Kit 
  • Automotive Tool Kit
  • Cable Ties / Wire 
  • Spare tyre, hoses, belts, oil and coolant 
  • Air Compressor and tyre deflator


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